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You can contact us at anytime via email at: Sales@IronValleyHardware.com

This email is answered on a daily basis and during business hours you should receive a response within 1 hour.

You can also contact us via phone number at: 1-877-444-2467 

You can also find it at the very top of any page. Our business hours are 9am-5pm (PST) Pacific Standard Time. If you call between these hours, you should always be able to reach someone. If for some reason no one picked up, please leave a detailed message with your name and number and we will contact you back as soon as we can.

About Our Hardware:

As we begin our hardware journey, we must start at the foundry. With up to 30% recycled material, our products are slowly becoming more and more sustainable. As the price of recycled iron becomes cheaper and cheaper, even though it costs a bit more, we are trying to increase our recycled metal percentage each year. After we obtain the iron, it is melted down and distributed to all of the different molds for all of our products by hand. Because our products are handmade and hand cast, each one is a little different then the rest, special if you will.

Once the product is cast, cleaned, and rough edges sanded, we then can drill, cut, counter sink, and powder coat all of our products in a thick and rich black powder coat. This gives the product a high rust resistance and will allow the product to withstand severe weather much longer than other traditionally waxed or thin powder coated hardware.

After powder coat, the products are then all hand checked, bagged, and screws are added to each bag. The product is now ready to purchased and sent out to you!

We ship all orders from Southern California.

We design, source, and have product manufactured in the US, India, and China.

Please email us if you have any questions about a specific product or SKU.

About Us:

Iron Valley Hardware began as a way to provide classic and rustic hardware designs in durable Cast Iron as an alternative to the cheap steel and easily rusting hardware on the market. As time went on we added more and more products by request and iteration until you see everything we offer today.

With over 10 years experience selling iron hardware, we know the in's and out's of Gate, Door, and other Home Hardware. If you have any questions please contact us at the number at the top of the website, we would be glad to help you.

We can also do custom orders and custom work. Please contact us at the number at the top of any of our pages to speak with us. Custom orders, unless of large quantity (25+) will have a mold cost added onto the order.

If you are looking for the old Colonial Works or Period 1, here is the old website: http://www.gate-hardware.net/