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Cast Iron 7" Ring Turn Latch

$ 89.95 $ 199.95

SKU: T-81-511-RH
This Cast Iron Ring Turn Gate Latch is the perfect addition to any gate or door or shed. This product comes with a 3.5" spindle to fit the majority of gates. The spindle can be cut down if necessary to fit thinner gates. This gate latch should not be used without the gate stop. The drop bar WILL break without it. If you have a gate thicker than 3", please call us and we can provide a longer spindle.
  • Metal & Style & Finish: Rustic & Traditional Solid Cast Iron with Powder Coat
  • Drop Bar Dimensions: 7" - Can be opened from both sides - Spring Loaded
  • Ring & Plate Dimensions: Back Plate- 2.75" x 4.5", Ring Dia.- 3.5"
  • Included: Spring Loaded Ring Turn with Drop Bar, Dummy Ring Turn, Gate Stop, 2 Sizes of Spindles
  • Rust Resistant Coating - Double the thickness of thin steel competition
  • Right or Left Hand - Right has drop bar pointing to right - Left has drop bar pointing left
  • **Must specify Right/Left Hand and Gate/Door Thickness**


    WORD OF NOTE: If you use this drop bar as the sole closing device for your gate, the drop bar may be damaged. It cannot withstand a heavy gate closing onto it. This product is designed to be used with a gate stop or another piece of hardware that slows or stops the gate slightly before the drop bar connects with the back of the catch. This prevents breakage and bending of the drop bar. If you have any questions please contact us. Iron Valley also sells gate stops, if you need help locating the item, please contact us.

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