Importance of Gate Stops July 27, 2015 15:03

     Welcome back to our blog! Today we will be talking about Gate Hardware and the important function a Gate Stop can play in daily use and the prevention of damage. To the right you can see an installed Gate Stop (with Drop bar and Thumb Latch) and below you can see a new gate stop; it is an incredibly simple device. 

All it is designed to do it is stop a swinging gate from impacting the catch plate or latch mechanism of your Gate Hardware. 

You simply screw the Gate Stop on the swinging door, the one with the latch or drop bar, so that the Gate Stop impacts the wood of the supporting post or attached gate before your latch does, therefore preventing it from taking damage or unnecessary stress.

Above: New Gate Stop Above: Broken Cast Iron Drop Bar


As you can see above with the broken drop bar, without properly securing your gate latches, it is easy for a gate to swing with a bit too much force and break the drop bar.

When you have a heavy gate, or a gate that is constantly opened and closed with force, all hardware is going to be subject to speed and forces it wasn't designed for. This is where the gate stop comes in, to make all latches and hardware compatible with any size gate or volume of foot traffic desired.

Click HERE to view our Gate Stop. If you have any questions about how Gate Stops function or if your hardware will work with our Gate Stop, please don't hesitate to contact us.